Friday, July 3, 2015

Gerald Clayton - Deep Dry Ocean

Gerald Clayton, piano
Gretchen Parlato, singer
Joe Sanders . bass
Justin Brown . drums

So good, so deserving to be widely known.  But, what can I say, they aren't listening to Brian Wilson for the jillionth time since the 60s.

Update:  Simels says that Brian Wilson's white boy beach blanket and acid California pop is better than Louis Armstrong and Beethoven.   And, let me point this out, Beethoven never recorded his music so we can't listen to Beethoven for the jillionth time.  Louis Armstrong, anyone who doesn't hear new things in his playing over decades of use has a tin ear or a tin mind.   I would challenge anyone to listen to a hundred covers of Brian Wilson's best tune and not get bored while as acute an ear and as exigent a listener as the late Gunther Schuller listened to virtually every recording of the 5th and 7th symphonies he could get his hand on and he said he didn't find it boring at all.

And I mean really listening to it, not just having on as background muzak while you groove like you haven't been for those five + decades since you were a kiddie.   Some of us never liked it (I always hated surfer muzak) and some of us grew up, many are still the same Peter Pan they always were.

Update 2:  Now he's trying to refute my statement that Beethoven never recorded his music.  I'm afraid that even after a lifetime of scribbling about the most mind numbing of pop music it's official, he's suffering from Simile dementia.

Update 3:  And now he's denying he said that.  Simels, I hope your custodial arrangements are in order.

Update 4:   A written score isn't a recording of music, it is a graphic representation of the pitches, rhythms, and indications of how those are to be played.  They aren't any more music than the paper they're printed on is.   It takes a person or persons to produce that music in sound which can be heard.  The record isn't the music either, or the CD but they can do what a printed page can't, reproduce what the people who made the music did in sound.   Even a piano roll, if it's produced directly by a composer or performer is closer to the music than a printed page is.   If you want to understand that, you should see what Gunther Schuller said in The Compleat Conductor and why it is problematic when a composer leaves scores but not a record of the actual music, as they perform it or it is performed under their supervision.

Update 5:  Composers Separated At Birth

Update something or other:   Now he's quoting the quasi-racist Muslim slammer, Jeff Foxworthy, and he thinks I'm going to find something so clueless upsetting.

I told you Stevie, when you insult me I take heart because you are such a boob.

Update whatever:   Now he's fuming because I called him on quoting a racist alleged comedian and he's claiming he did it to upset me.  Him proving he's a low-grade, low-class, low-brow, clueless, doofus is supposed to upset me.  Just to show you just how clueless he is.

Further update:   Now he's pretending it was all according to his plan, it's something he does when he's caught up in his idiocy.  I've seen it often enough to know it.

Ibid:  I'll pay Steve Simels ten bucks if he can locate anywhere I've ever expressed a negative opinion of Bruce Springsteen.   I don't believe I ever have, he's doing what he always does, he lies.

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