Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Slavomír Hořínka - Magnificat

From the YouTube notes
Magnificat, cantata for 2 Gregorian scholas, 25 musicians and liturgical space

Berg Orchestra - Peter Vrábel
Tiburtina Ensemble - Barbora Sojková

Object from layered paper (6x11m) suspended in the dome created by Magdalena Bartáková

recorded on premiere 9.5.2012 in St. Salvator Church in Prague
NOTE: you should use headphones or high-quality speakers, otherwise you wouldn't hear the bass drum played very softly at the beginning. It is technically impossible to reproduce enormous dynamic range of live performance... [ I will warn you, it gets quite loud so don't crank up the sound too much A.M.]

time links for better orientation:
11:02 magnificat anima mea Dominum
13:56 et exultavit spiritus meus
17:18 ecce enim beatam me dicent
20:47 quia fecit mihi magna
23:55 fecit potentiam in brachio suo
29:57 dispersit superbos
31:55 suscepit Israel
34:45 sicut locutus est
39:30 amen

Slavomír Hořínka (*1980) comes from Valašské Meziříčí. He studied violin at Pardubice Conservatory with MgA Dalibor Hlava and continued with composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague with Prof. Ivan Kurz. He spent three months at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Prof. Daan Manneke, Jorrit Taminga, Ned McGovan). In 2008, he successfully finished his doctoral studies under the guidance of Hanuš Bartoň. His compositions were premiered by among other orchestras and ensembles, the Czech Philharmonic, the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, the Berg Orchestra, the B. Martinu Chamber Orchestra, the Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra of South Bohemia, the Benewitz Quartet, the Moens Ensemble, the Puellae Cantantes. In addition to his career as a composer and work as a music producer, he devotes himself to promoting contemporary music, leading workshops for children in Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and teaching at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He has lectured in Prague, Pardubice, Litoměřice, Olomouc and Heidelberg. He is married and has two daughters.

My notes:  It's good to hear that composers are still finding ever new things to say through the text, even as they reference the oldest traditions of singing it.  I like this setting very much.   I'd never heard of Slavomír Hořínka before finding this setting online, he's clearly very talented.  Like I said, if you use headphones be careful because it goes from very soft to very loud.

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