Thursday, December 11, 2014

György Orbán - Magnificat

Cserna Ildikó - Soprano 
Kovács László  - Conductor 

Romantic style settings of the Magnificat are not in great supply online, it would seem.   This is one of the few I found, in the Hungarian language, and from the little I can make out of the text, it's by a living, Hungarian composer,  György Orbán, about whom I know little to nothing.   

I'm not sure that I find many of the few settings of the classic style, that of Mozart and, perhaps, C.P.E. Bach (whose setting I will post later), that convincing, personally.  If the romantic style is more suited to the text is not as easy to determine, I'd have to hear more of them.  If the many English language settings written by composers for the Anglican-Episcopalian churches classifies as romantic is debatable.  That genre of music, it seems to me, is governed by its own stylistic tradition that is influenced by but separate from secular, mainstream traditions.  

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