Friday, December 12, 2014

Really, I've Got To Tell A Harvard Student, You Expect Me To Believe You Didn't Want The Attention You Got?

The weird "Most Read" sidebar at Salon has up a year old piece entitled:

I was the Harvard harlot

When I started a sex blog at 19, it electrified the Ivy League -- and taught me how to fear other people's judgment

To which my original response was, "the Harvard harlot " oh, no you're not, not as long as the likes of Larry Summers are there.  I'd add in large parts of the Business, Law, Poly-Sci, Soc-sci, etc. faculty, the Harvard Corporation and governing structure as well.  That place is one of the more elite knocking shops of the military-industrial-banking complex.   

That said, what was one of the ultra-select, genius-class "young adults" of Harvard expecting the result of putting up a sex blog was going to be?   I mean, if she didn't want people expressing judgement of her putting herself on public display in a sex blog is about as stupid a way to avoid that as possible.  I mean, it is SEX and judgment has been known to have been exercised when it comes to SEX.  Call me skeptical but I think the dear young thing intended to get judged from the start, it's just she didn't like the negative judgments that came along with the positive ones she obviously sought to get.   It's like people who dress like an invitation for a come on, who go to a pick up bar or a frat party and then complain that men come on to them.  

Grow up, kids.  If you haven't learned that your intentional acts carry consequences, some of which you will predictably not welcome, it's time you learned that.   You will get the ones you don't like and if you want to avoid them the only choice is to modify what you choose to do.

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  1. Put absolutely anything on the internets, and try not to expect judgment.

    And then wonder how you'd get into Harvard if wisdom, insight, or simply understanding were entry requirements, and not just knowledge.