Friday, December 5, 2014

Hate Mail File

Yes, you're right, I freely admit it, I'm being mean to those poor, abused, put upon sadists and sexual enslavers. The poor dears. 


  1. I admit to being a little jealous: even my old nasty troll seems to have disappeared, and you get all this attention!

  2. I guess it's due to me having grown up a short, skinny, homely, gay kid who learned young that what I couldn't do with my fists I could do with my vocabulary and willingness to use it. And there are a couple of the most OC dolts on the web who like to try to bug me. You know them, or at least one of them. I figure he tries to pick a fight with me when he can't get enough attention at baby blue.

  3. I was short and skinny, too! Cis-het and extremely gorgeous, though, but I still understand where you're coming from.

    Never wore a beret, so I don't get that other guy...