Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Norman Corwin - The Undecided Molecule

After yesterday's mention of the sad declining years of Groucho Marx and as I was thinking of posting Corwin's famous On A Note of Triumph for Memorial Day, I thought of another of Corwin's masterworks of radio drama.   You'll get to hear Groucho in a verse drama.  He plays a judge - though I'd bet he got a lot more from the time he played one on screen, this is an entirely better role.   He joins an all star cast from back in the days when the biggest stars wanted to do radio drama, especially when written by writers like Norman Corwin, Arch Obeler etc. 

They include Robert Benchley, Vincent Price, Norman Lloyd (who I found out is the only one still with us, at 102, if the computer is right, today) Sylvia Sidney, Keenan Wynn.  I suspect Corwin also wrote their self-plugging credits at the end. 

I think you'll like this one a lot. 

Update:  I can't believe I didn't give a credit for Radio Drama Revival, where I found this.   Please, check them out. 

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