Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday Night Radio Drama -Leila Aboulela - The Museum

Wendy Baxter
David Tennant
Tracey-Ann Oberman
Ray Emmet Brown
David Baker
Gordon Reid

It's too bad I had to guess at some of the spellings and I'm not even going to try to list the characters. It's one of the things about radio drama, till the end I didn't realize that the actors were using theater accents.  I have no way to know how authentic they are but I imagine Leila Aboulela participated in the production.  The part when they get to the museum seems to me to be appropriate considering the posts I did yesterday and today.

This little article says that David Tennant and Catherine Tate preferred making the radio versions of Dr. Who to the visual version.  It's interesting to consider how much easier it must be to make a radio version because, as Tate said, "You zip through it because you haven’t got to worry about camera angles, and lighting and make up, and all these things,am I on my mark? You just use the words and your voice."   Sounds like making music.

Lelia Aboulela is an author I'd never heard of before.  This review leads me to hope to read some of her writing, someday.

Update:  I found Lelia Aboulela's personal website, with some of her writing on it.   Haven't read any of it yet but I certainly will.

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