Sunday, January 8, 2017

Answer to Kevin Drum's Post About The Influence of Russia Today Television

I am surprised people didn't realize RT was a big part of the problem.  Though I would say that entities like the so often loony Pacifica are more of a problem for liberals and real, as opposed to play-lefties, as well.

Any media that lies is a problem for democracy and liberalism and in the United States the media has a carte blanche to lie with impunity thanks to the Supreme Court, such self-defeating, allegedly liberal institutions as the ACLU and the media which has both promoted its "right" to lie and enjoyed the benefits of it being allowed to lie.  Why would any foreign government or potential beneficiary from fascist-government being set up here not take advantage of that?  They must have noticed the role the Aussie T&A and fascism peddler, Murdoch has played in it and how much money he's made from it.

The laws of the United States have to be made to disable the power that lies can have.  Lies have many built in advantages over the truth.  They can be constructed for popular sale whereas the truth is frequently not bound to be popular.  Lies can be made sensational, attention-getting and tailored to benefit from our worst weaknesses, the truth has to be true.   The idiots on Supreme Courts of the past, especially the alleged liberals from the Warren Court till today enabled lies and we have Trump as a result of that as much as their enabling fascists, foreign and domestic.  Putin knows that a neo-Tsarist Russia, under his rule, will benefit far more from anti-democratic governments than from democratic ones.  He was able to use the regime set up by our so-called civil libertarians to put his puppet into the White House, using the party that benefited enormously from the kinds of lies I described.  They saw the advantage they were given the Ivy-league trained lawyers and judges and justices missed it entirely.

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