Friday, July 19, 2013

New Temporary Linked Index to the Darwin-Eugenics etc. Series

On The Origin of  Charles Darwin's Eugenics and Haeckel's Monism Redux

A Note about Documentary Evidence and Primary Sources

Charles Darwin and Francis Galton The Father of Eugenics

Charles Darwin, Leonard Darwin and Schallmeyer And a Note About George Darwin

The Poisoned Atmosphere In Which Leonard Darwin Discussed The Lethal Chamber As a Eugenics Tool

Francis Darwin and George Darwin Tie Their Father to Eugenics More Tightly

Darwin Ignores The Strongest Available Test of Natural Selection to Promote Eugenic Beliefs

I'm Done Pretending Those Links Aren't There

Darwin and Haeckel 1

Did Darwin Lie About What Schaaffhausen Said?

The Lives and Deaths of Millions of People: Darwin and Haeckel 2

On Piling it on

Haeckel's Racism That Darwin Endorsed

Vernon Kellogg Encounters German Darwinism During The Great War

The Darwinist Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Addendum (on Holmes)

"... It's Not Even Past" Excerpts On The 4th of July

I Am Not A Mayflower Descendant

Paul Popenoe: When Eugenics Dared To Speak HIS Name

Darwin and Haeckel's Monistic System: Darwin and Haeckel 3

Infanticide Darwin and Haeckel 4

The Offenses of "Miss Cobbe" And Darwin's Condescension

The Eugenics Free, Haeckel Free, Charles Darwin Is a Public Relations Myth: Darwin and Haeckel 5

Eugenics Here And Now

Darwin's Self-Made Parachutes Are Full of Holes Except the Golden Ones

We civilised men... we institute poor-laws

One Year of Deaths At A Workhouse

Found Poem

More About British Workhouses As Death Camps

Why Should We, the "Unfit," Accept Darwinism?

Natural Selection as "A Thing" Only Not a Natural Thing

The Mother of All N-Factorial Problems

Note:  There are pieces from the first series that I haven't included in this index.  The index to that series is here:

Updated Temporary Linked Index of the Darwin - Eugenics - Haeckel Posts

Some of the pieces are earlier versions of pieces I expanded and revised in this series.  As I mentioned in one of the posts, I have a lot of research that I haven't used, probably enough to write at least another long series bringing Darwinism in eugenics from 1945 till today.   Eugenics, explicitly Darwinist in its motivation and even, at times, explicitly admitted,  is alive and dangerous today.

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