Sunday, August 4, 2019

Don't Remember To Write

I'd say he' the armpit of Eschaton but I think he's more like it's tait in need of time in a sitz bath.  And that's too complementary.  He brags about his impending travels, as if that's supposed to make me envious.  It doesn't.   I am looking forward to the idiot spending many hundreds of dollars a day to go to the Scandinavian countries so that instead of experiencing the places he's spent so much money to sit on he blog-rats at Eschaton and tries to troll me. You have to be a real idiot of a particularly American kind to go visit other lands and people and to spend it on the same old, old, old, old Eschaton you go to from Queens every day and to troll a blog that won't post your comments anymore, even those you cross post at Duncan's blog.     I think it's hilarious that his fellow geezers see him doing that from Stockholm or some other foreign location is something to be envied instead of the signs of a pitifully failing and previously very limited mind.   But, then, Eschaton is kind of an intellectual IHOP. 

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