Thursday, August 8, 2019

A Reader Query

Someone asks me if I lose a lot of friends over the kinds of disagreements I've been having the last few days.  I'm kind of amused that someone assumes I have lots of friends to lose.  Well, I have a fair few.

I don't break things off with people over these kinds of disagreements, I don't usually break things off unless the other person lies or slanders or libels me or someone else. I figure if someone is going to be a liar, I don't want to hang around with them.  Disagreements over politics?  If I broke it off with everyone I had disagreements with, I'd have no friends.   I change my mind about things, sometimes quite drastically, if I don't break it off with myself over disagreements with my past or future selves, why would I do that with other people.  I might learn something from them, if nothing else than what arguments I have to overcome to maintain my position.  They might learn something from me.  Maybe we'll mutually come to something closer to the truth for our disagreements?  

What an odd question.  We're all adults here, or mostly.  Give or take a few elective eejits.  They can leave anytime they want.

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