Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mercedes Sosa - Años

The nueva canción movement was, perhaps still is, one of the most significant artistic manifestations of the 20th century.  It might be the most significant one in terms of area of the world covered and the number of people it influenced.  And it is far, far more positive than modernism.  For one, it was an artistic movement dedicated to democracy and against gangster governments.   And its content, even when not overtly political is far deeper and more artistically profound than anything I'm aware of in popular music in English.   Even if I might have some reservations about the Marxism of some of its significant figure, it was generally an interpretation of Marxism that was anti-imperialist and for equality, if disappointing in dealing with the political exigencies of the time, most of those forced on the people in Latin America by the United States. 

Sueño con serpientes


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