Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Just Sayin' Lots Of Prominent Atheists Sure Liked To Hang With Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein, Lawrence Krauss and Steven Pinker 

Reading this handy list  (no doubt a short list) of famous associates of the child rapist who was almost certainly providing underage girls ordered to have sex with rich and famous men, Jeffrey Epstein, I couldn't help but notice that that list and some of the other names in other places (Stephen Hawking!, for the love of Mike) were prominent in the old fad of new atheism or had spoken out for atheism and against religious belief.  

In addition to Stephen Hawking, Krauss and Pinker there is Alan Dershowitz*.  There is another picture at a link to Gawker from the Slate piece, which I was sure was Epstein with another of the more prominent new atheists, though I might be wrong about that being PZ Myers.

If someone can identify that bearded man as someone other than PZ, I will note that in a clarifying post.

Which led me to check out PZ Myers who, apparently along with Jerry Coyne, posted Pinker's ass covering letter denying that he t was a buddy of Epstein.  I include it only because it shows who other than Bill Clinton was flying around and paling around with Epstein.

But Epstein had insinuated himself with so many people I intersected with (Alan Dershowitz, Martin Nowak, John Brockman, Steve Kosslyn, Lawrence Krauss) and so many institutions he helped fund (Harvard’s Program in Evolutionary Dynamics, ASU’s Origins Project, even Harvard Hillel) that I often ended up at the same place with him. (Most of these gatherings were prior to the revelation of his sex crimes, such as the 2002 plane trip to TED with Dawkins, Dennett, the Brockmans, and others, but Krauss’s Origins Project Meeting came after he served his sentence.) Since I was often the most recognizable person in the room, someone would snap a picture; some of them resurfaced this past week, circulated by people who disagree with me on various topics and apparently believe that the photos are effective arguments.

Apparently Epstein liked to be with prominent atheists.   Unfortunately, it would seem that Epstein's "science blog" has been taken down but I'm betting it would make interesting reading, though the Gawker piece casts doubt on him being the author of it.

*    Here's the Dersh on the evil of religion, according to "The Friendly Atheist"
Organized religion is always having to say you’re sorry for misunderstanding God’s will in the past. That has been the history of organized religions.
We’re sorry for the Crusades.
We’re sorry for the Inquisition.
We’re sorry that we slaughtered babies and children in the name of Jesus. We’re sorry for the pogroms.
We were wrong then. God didn’t speak to us clearly then.
But he speaks to us clearly today!
Of course, a list of the sins of the atheists, in which each and every item on that list could be matched with a corresponding sin of atheists AND WHICH ATHEISM DOESN'T START OUT BY FORBIDDING but the Monotheistic and other religions do forbid could be complied.  The Crusaders certainly violated the teachings of Jesus in the gospel in the epistles "those who live by the sword will die by the sword," the Inquisition (though you stood a lot better chance at getting off on accusations under the inquisition than you did any court in an official atheist country).   

I wondering if Dershowitz could show us a list of babies and children "slaughtered in the name of Jesus" - if he could tell us exactly when that happened and who did it.  Can anyone come up with actual incidents that match this because if he does I can certainly show him where Jesus said not to do things like that, as I can where he said that corrupting children - certainly including by raping them - was about as serious a sin as he ever identified.  I will, for the moment, withhold any mention of another of the listed pals of Epstein, Woody Allen though I will point out that Richard Dawkins got in some hot water for pooh-poohing the seriousness of pedophile abuse a while back. Not to mention his problems when it comes to treating women with respect.

If you're waiting for Dershowitz to ever, ever say he's sorry for his association and enabling of Jeffrey Epstein, helping him get out of a very likely life sentence so he could rape who knows how many more young girls, trafficking them to rich men, don't hold your breath, you need to breathe.  Being Dershowitz almost certainly means never having to say you're sorry before your next celebrity lawyering spot on TV.


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