Tuesday, July 17, 2018

As An Example of Something I Just Found And Wasn't Even Looking For

which shows how the online world will sink the lie of print and paper post-war Darwinist impunity.

Magic Lantern projector
Thirty samples of synthetic hair arranged by colour and texture in a tin box, designed by Dr. Eugen Fischer in 1905.

hair samples from Galton's research

This object is a selection of 30 different colours and textures of synthetic hair in a tin box and, until some Museum Studies students looked into it more deeply, that was all we knew. Their research uncovered that the hair gauge was designed by the German scientist Eugen Fischer and used by him to judge the relative ‘whiteness’, according to hair colour and texture, of mixed race people in what is now Namibia. Fischer carried out his work in 1908 and Namibia is the site of the first genocide of the 20th Century, perpetrated by the Germans against the people of the Narma and Herero tribes. Up to three quarters of the population of these people were systematically killed. Fischer would go on to contribute to the anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws established by Nazi Germany. The students were able to work out that the object probably post-dated Galton (who would have been 83 in 1905 when the instrument was designed) and was probably brought to the university and into the collection by Karl Pearson, founding Professor of the Department of Statistical Science, Galton’s disciple and ardent eugenicist.

It doesn't mention the body parts that Fischer sent back to his scientific colleagues in universities from those so murdered for scientific study.  Sound familiar?   And  don't bother claiming this is "science" and not science.  None of them ever lost a university appointment or scientific honor over it.  After the war, after his crimes were partially revealed - indeed, his part in the African genocide was always known to his scientific colleagues, Eugen Fischer was appointed an honorary member in the Society for Anthropology in 1952, the same year he became an honorary member of the «Society for Constitutional Research» at Tübingen University under Ernst Kretschmer.

The search terms I used were straight forward, "eugen fischer karl pearson" and they returned a long list of connections between the major figures of Darwinism and Nazism.   As I said, the lies that are the common current belief among English language people with educational credentials will inevitably fall because the information in primary documentation that comprises those links are pervasive in the primary documentation of Darwinism in the pre-WWII period.  I never found a mainstream scientist who discounted the connection of Darwinism to eugenics and even German eugenics, aka Nazism, before the war.

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