Monday, July 30, 2018

Another Follow Up

In the brief period after the fall of the Communist party in the late Soviet Union and its breakup, when the archives were opened up, we found out that one of the lies told by the American Communists was that they weren't being funded by the Soviet government.   There were payments, notably to the long-time head of the Communist Party, someone idiotically promoted as some kind of hero by the play-left, Gus Hall.  I was stupid enough to "out of principle" sign a petition to have his name put on the ballot once or twice.  If I'd known he was a paid foreign agent I think that fact would have overcome any flaky principle of that kind.  Generalized "principles" that divorced from reality might count as the original sin of the play-left.  I am against allowing fascists, red or otherwise, of being given any chance, however remote, of reproducing the murderous oppression here that their history consists of elsewhere.

It's telling that the neo-Soviet mafia led by Putin isn't putting their money behind the would-be Marxists now, probably because the fascists and Nazis are more in line with the interests of the crime bosses and now that they've given up any pretense of socialism, Republican-fascists, the servants of the American domestic billionaires have no hesitation to make common cause with them.  Another reason is certainly the history of the "real left" which is a uniform story of sleazy, incompetent con-men conning everyone from their fellow sleazes (so many of who preceded the Russians to support the fascists here during the Soviet period) to the most idiotic of idealists who either had or got suckered into being a "real lefty" because of things like materialism and buying the phony history that became the common currency in secularist circles. 

I've never denied one thing, that Putin is smarter than the old-line Soviets were.  He's certainly not going to back a Democratic Party that favors egalitarian democracy and, worse from the mafioso point of view, economic justice and he's certainly not going to continue putting good money after bad in supporting the American play-left except to act as a foil to the fascists and Nazis he really backs.

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