Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This one took about 12 minutes - Stupid Mail

He's saying second hand lines, 
Strikes second hand pose, 
He even reaches second hand lows
When he says a pithy witticism, 
it's somebody elses' it's not hism, 
Second hand jests, way past their long ago best, 
He never says a single thing that's new. 
Even when he's said something you haven't once heard, 
Someone else sure has, on that you'll have to just take my word. 
Everyone knows he copies head to his  toes,  
At Duncan's baby blue, at Duncan's baby blue. 


  1. "This one took about 12 minutes"

    You're boasting about that? Wow.

    1. No, I didn't want anyone to think I wrote it within the five minute limit I give myself when mocking you by limerick.

      I figure by the time Saturday comes you'll have told enough used jokes so I can fill in the entire song with new lyrics.

  2. Mocking me by limerick?

    Wow. You really are the least amusing person on the planet,