Thursday, May 3, 2018

I Couldn't Have Made It This Far Without Samantha Bee


  1. "I heard someone going on about how the Arthur Miller play, The Crucible,
    a play themed on the infamous Salem witch trials, was really about the
    anti-Communist campaign going on at the time Miller wrote the play....that might have been the intention of Miller ... but I'll
    bet you that unless they were informed of the authorial intent not one
    in a thousand people who viewed the play would have gotten that."

    You're absolutely right, Sparkles. Nobody would have known THE CRUCIBLE was a metaphor for the McCarthy Era. Also, nobody would have known that GONE WITH THE WIND was about the Civil War.

    1. Oh, you've temped me with such an obtuse statement that I can't resist. The thing is, Simps, GONE WITH THE WIND IS ABOUT THE CIVIL WAR (or rather a racist bitch's fantasy about it), the plot is about the theme of the piece of crap. The Crucible is about the Salem witch trials, the plot is not the McCarthy commie scare 260 years after the Salem witch trials.

      You should have watched more Sesame Street, Simps, one of those things is not like the other.

      I will guarantee you that not one in a thousand of the people who saw The Crucible would have gotten it was "about" the red-scare.

      Why don't you write a three-hundred page essay about exactly what in the plot of The Crucible matches what happened in the 1940s-60 red scare, keeping in mind there were no witches in Salem but there were communists who were idiotic enough to think they were going to convince millions of Americans that they wanted to live in the glorious workers paradise that Stalin's Soviet Union was. The reaction of the red-scared people was overblown because there was never any prospect of that happening because only someone as idiotic as the likes of Lillian Hellman and Corliss Lamont was stupid enough to think that Americans would give up democracy with all its imperfections for the depravity of the Soviet Union and its pretentious mafia government.

      All those tales of commie romanticism you grew up on in the greater-lesser NYC area were a crock of shit. Those commies were no more admirable than the German American Bund. Those they duped no more admirable than the ones duped by the Nazis and Trump, now.