Sunday, April 29, 2018

The White House Correspondents Exposed As The Cheap Tramps They Are

Never heard of Michelle Wolf before,  haven't heard her yet, didn't think anything I read she said at the Correspondents Dinner was funny - maybe her comedy is a matter of timing? I'll listen to it when I have time - but I can say that I'm a fan.   I'm a fan because she brutally put the disaster of the Trump regime and the regularization of lies and misogyny and bigotry and degeneracy which is the power structure in the United States in the face of some of those who are most responsible for driving the country into this state of degeneracy and decadence, the American media, the most powerful figures in it. 

I am also a fan because the White House correspondents’ dinner is exhibit A in the case against the corporate media, in which they party and make merry with the very people they're supposed to be covering, something that a journalistic community with any integrity would never do.  But our media has no journalistic integrity so they not only do so, they turn it into an annual event.  

Michelle Wolf used them like Trump used women, not physically but honestly.   And reportedly a lot of those present just hated it, not to mention people like Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the rest of the people that these "correspondents" were partying with.   I doubt I'd find her act funny, I don't much like stand-up except as done by someone on the level of Samantha Bee or Steve Colbert.  But I'm a fan. 

Update:  Finally got round to listening to the routine, it is a lot better as delivered than as read.   

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