Thursday, March 15, 2018

These Students Give Me A Rare Reason For Hope

I am so proud of America's public school students who held the mass walkouts yesterday, from what I understand they will continue today here in the North East where many schools had a snow day and there are plans for future walkouts as well as the planned massive demonstration in Washington DC.  This is a demonstration of something Howard Zinn said, that any good change in the United States comes from the direct action of The People, you can't depend on the Constitution or the media or the government to do the right thing and sometimes you have to apply this kind of pressure, you have to build a movement.   Unlike the gun nuts, this is directly motivated by the experience of the reign of terror that the billionaires and the gun industry have inflicted on us, especially in students who have to gather in large numbers, in schools.  This is The People against the corporate "persons" created by the Supreme Court and the powers they have given corporations and billionaires, foreign and domestic to corrupt out government and turn it into their servant, not ours. 

I pray for the safety of those student demonstrators and for their success and hope that this empowers them to be active in politics, including to vote the servants of the billionaires and gun industry out of office and off the courts. 

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  1. Well, the gun nuts are a movement, too. About time they had some organized opposition. (Yes, I know the NRA organized the gun nuts, but it takes some kind of organizer to make things happen. Better the people than a gun maker lobbying group.)