Saturday, September 30, 2017

Weird Hate Mail - "you sound like Ronald Radosh"

I have never studied the Alger Hiss case and have nothing to say on it.  I don't comment on things I've never studied.  I have no investment in his innocence or guilt because I know nothing about it. 

I have read things by Ronald Radosh but I have never, to my knowledge, relied on anything he reported without verification.  I don't believe I ever even took any hints of where and what to research from him so your pulling him on me is entirely off the mark.  I doubt I would automatically trust someone who works where he does anymore than I would someone who works at The Nation, these days, though I might trust some of them, with verification. 

Your snark on my last name is childish and stupid.  My political inheritance has nothing to do with Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, I've spent my entire life on the left side of the Democratic party.   Since beginning to study how American liberalism lost its power - I would say was sandbagged by the pseudo-left as well as the Republican-fascists - I have become considerably more radical than I ever was as a conventional leftist.  There is nothing more radical than the Gospel, the Law and the Prophets, no atheist articulation of would-be liberal ethics, from the church for atheists of the Ethical Union - Humanist - Unitarian sphere to the utilitarians (who always seem to get around to the topic of who we should be murdering so they'll get interviewed on NPR) to the red fascists of Marxism and its allies to the total "the gangsters win in the end" of anarchism is even in the running.  As I've pointed out before, even the two most recent conservative Popes were social justice radicals as opposed to the would be high minded materialists of the would be left who are really, in the end, just a baby step or so away from the vulgar materialists of the nominal right (You do know Radosh's bio, don't you?).  I don't see the one as an alternative to the other, they are both opponents to oppose.   Maybe you don't understand that someone who isn't an academic whore doesn't have to make the trip from one academic teat on the left to another on the right because that's what academic whores do.  Same for journalist whores. 

So, to get back to most of what you accuse me of, no, I'm no one who would ever have anything to do with Radosh or anyone to do with something like the putrid Hudson Institute or anything like that. My anti-communism is from the left, the traditional American liberal tradition,  equality, democracy and moral obligation, not pseudo-scientific materialism.  

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