Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Stupid Left Isn't Much Smarter Than The Stupid Right, It Just Has Credentials To Make People Think It's Smarter - Hate Mail

By "The Stupid Left" I certainly didn't mean the real left which isn't stupid any more than I mean the entire right or center when I talk about the percentage of stupid people who are placed on the phony linear chart of political identity.   In fact, one of the things that makes The Stupid Left so very stupid is that, as in the examples of the ACLU's Nazi, Billionaire plutocrat and big Pharma enablement, the effects of its stupidity arrive in the same place as that of the stupid right or center.   I don't limit the people who comprise The Stupid Left to people who buy the idiotic ACLU line and support enabling Nazis and billionaires and the depravity of corporate "free speech" and, lest it be forgotten, their ability to use the mass media to lie to people, just off the top of my head I would give a list that includes:

- People who think the Green Party or other third-play-parties of the alleged left should be enabled to split the "left" vote, a losing strategy of play-lefties since the start of the existence of elected governments.

- Related to that, any allegedly lefty media figure, academic, alleged activist, magazine, radio show, podcast which presents the Greens or never-will-win third party or even the odd allegedly lefty independent as someone people should waste their votes on because the Democrat who could win the election isn't pure enough, risking if not guaranteeing that a far worse person will actually be sitting in the office after the election.  There is hardly a prominent figure on the fashionable left who doesn't qualify as that.   Among the magazines, I'm not sure that any of them don't. 

- The group I've called "process liberals" who on stands of what they call "principle" will do what the ACLU has done, over and over again, enable the most awful, anti-egalitarian entities around on some "principle" of "blind justice" that pretends there isn't every obvious difference in the world between Nazis, the KKK, billionaire plutocrats, polluters, drug pushers - legal and illegal - pimps, even child rapists and the advocates of equality, health, safety, a decent life in a sustainable environment, education, etc.  That so often such "process liberals" are wealthy, white graduates from elite universities with credentials and connections that protect them from all of that is certainly no accident, it's what makes their transparently dishonest pose of even-handed fairness transparently self-serving and dishonest.  They don't want their college chums to get too upset with them as they make a career out of the wreckage they've wrought on the real left that has to fight all of them, including the stupid process liberals who give away more than they have ever gained, given away by "making the process fair" as if poor people ever won a "fair fight" against billionaires who own the media. 

-  The people who accept the red-fascists of Marxism in all its myriad of splinter factions, anarchists, etc. as not only a part of the left but as some kind of special jewel of leftism that represents some kind of goal to achieve or some rare and valuable thing which the left must discredit itself to enable and nurture instead of an insupportable burden and counter-productive entity which taints even the real left through an absurd association with them.  It should be a hard and fast rule that no one who is opposed to egalitarian democracy and the absolute moral obligation to respect rights on an equal basis, including economic justice is any part of the left.  Marxism and all forms of materialism have no legitimate place on any real left, the absurd anarchism that would get rid of the state and civil authority - guaranteed to produce gangster rule - has no place on the real left because it is massively stupid. 

That's a partial list of what I meant by The Stupid Left. I think it covers the worst of it. 

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