Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hall Overton - Sonata for Viola and Piano

Walter Trampler, viola
Lucy Greene, piano

Another recording posted by the American Composers Alliance.  Walter Trampler was one of the finest viola players of his time.  Lucy Greene was obviously a fine pianist, as well.

When I started posting Hall Overton on the 4th I didn't intend to make it a series but his music is so good and so little known that I decided it really should be promoted.  Who knows, maybe they'll do an actual professional production of his opera, Huck Finn, which, the more I read about it, it sounds as if Overton made some changes in the story - aging Huck by three years, making it more about Jim's adult point of view than Huck's 13-year-old, white boy's thinking.  Frankly, those and the reported change to Mark Twain's pretty awful ending for what is otherwise a good book could likely improve the story.  And, considering it was done 45 years ago, it sounds like it would be so much fresher than that broadway musical they did to it.

Let's hope we get to hear it someday.

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