Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Blatant, Shameless liars Jason Miller and Matt Whitaker Should Never Be Allowed On TV Again

I just listened to the go round on CNN, Anderson Cooper's show with two obvious and shameless liars, sleazeball Trump hired-liar Jason Miller and former federal prosecutor Matt Whitaker and have to say that they could stand as an example of people who a rational media wouldn't consider putting on camera.

It's painful to listen to these people who have been taught the Republican talk-over anyone who isn't lying technique that Kellyanne Conway and others have used in the media for decades now.

If you want to know how we arrived at the post-truth culture that can't even protect itself against obvious treason with foreign dictators, these kinds of professional liars being allowed on TV and radio are the way it happened.

If you don't see the likes of these two liars disappear from TV, you'll know the problem is still with us.

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