Friday, February 24, 2017

What Do You Think About The Witches Binding Spell?

I read about it and certainly support the goals, to block him from doing any harm to people or the environment, to thwart him in his evil doing, to get him and his crime regime out of office.   Will it work?  Have no idea.  As long as they follow their commandment to do no harm, I can't see anything wrong with it.  If it seems to work, I'll be impressed.

If I have insomnia at midnight, EST tonight,  I might throw a little meditation into the mix.    We are told to love our enemies and pray for them.  I can't claim to succeed in the first part of it, at all, but I can try to do the second part.  Isn't it part of asking to "deliver us from evil" to ask that the evil not happen?   I've even got a white and an orange candle stub.  No Tarot card, though, they seem too negative to my liking.  I wonder if I drew one if it would count.

Will it cover Bannon and Sessions and Miller etc?


  1. Salon pointed out Trump is giving the same speech over and over (he said nothing new at CPAC,same dull litany he's been reciting since the campaign). He only gives parts of that speech (theme and variations), or issues nonsensical tweets.

    I'm happy to credit a binding spell as long as this keeps up. It renders him as harmless as one could hope for.

    1. There would seem to be a bunch of right-wingers in a swivet over the witches doing this, which they explicitly said was to keep him and his people from being able to do any evil they would. You can compare it to Pat Robertson calling on his dupes to pray for the deaths of Supreme Court members which is, by definition, black magic. I wish I'd thought of it last night when I wrote this but I was distracted. I should always put off reading the hate mail till after I write.