Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Don't Care If He Wrote That Overpraised Poem

Oh, yeah.  THAT Alan Ginsberg was a public supporter of NAMBLA.  Here's a very short but sick clip of him reading, no doubt, what Simps would think was one of his great works at a NAMBLA event, in front of what is legible as a NAMBLA banner.  While you should listen to understand the words, I wouldn't post it if it had much more to it.

I don't care if he'd written the greatest poetry in the American language, which he was very far from having done.  This defines him as being in the same class as Milo Y.

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  1. Je repete:

    Grow the fuck up, you priggish pecksniffian putz. Phil Spector actually murdered a woman in cold blood -- that doesn't make his Ronettes records any less transcendent.