Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Great Composer Elliot Carter on Stefan Wolpe from Perspectives of New Music

Page 3 of In Memoriam: Stefan Wolpe (1902-1972)
So, you can see what the most prominent American composer at the time and well after said about him. I guess he didn't know what my most persistent troll does. Which was certainly beneath his notice.


  1. He still wrote the worst song in history. The Post Alma Mater. Google it.

  2. Stefan Wolpe -- The worst song in the history of music.

    Seriously, Sparky -- this makes "The Night Chicago Died" sound like Mahler's Kindertotenlieder

  3. There you have it, Simels think he knows more about music than Elliot Carter.

    Um, Simps, I looked at the music. It's a friggin' College song for a minor college. I'd guess he figured the likes of that Simels' dope would be singing it.

    It's not as lousy as the Quaalude time in doo-dah land inflections of "Imagine".

  4. Oh, it's much worse. MUCH worse.

    BTW -- why are you dissing minor colleges? Aren't they better than your accursed responsible for all evil on earth Ivy Leagues?

    1. I didn't diss minor colleges I merely acknowledged Cornflakes College as a minor college, though it did give you credentials to pretend you're educated. But, then, I doubt they took a theater major very seriously.

      Some minor colleges have students who become very well educated, though, as always, that mostly depends on the student and, sorry, Simps, you aren't and never were good student material.