Saturday, December 31, 2016

More Loo Water From Simps

They just knighted Ray Davies. Get back to me when Sondheim has written something as sublimely beautiful as "Waterloo Sunset". And btw, yes, "Send in the Clowns" is a totally lame metaphor. If a rock songwriter had come up with it people would have laughed at its rank trite sentimentality.

To which, I quote

Waterloo Sunset.  "Sublimely beautiful."   Simps, I know it's hard to tell in someone as stupid as you are but I think the ol' dementia is progressing to a serious state.  You're doing your part to drag down the average over at Baby Blue, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Update:  No, Stupy, you illiterate.  I was calling your assertion loo water.  Pretty much everything you come up with could qualify as that. 

Tlaz has got to be the dopiest dolly at Duncan's dementia ward. 


  1. You're not just stupid and a perishing snob, you're also fucking deaf.

  2. You can't argue art with someone whose taste is solely in their mouth.

    1. If I weren't tired and bored I wouldn't have bothered. But it's a holiday weekend and that's always slow, so I figured it was just Simels' speed.

    2. RMJ, of course, knows as much about music as Sparky knows about Jews.