Friday, October 28, 2016

She died of a rare condition called "almost a hundred".   Wanda Dollard: Corner Gas

Update:  I had to go have some tests done today so my mortality is on my mind.  I'm in that age cohort.  And I just wanted to push Simps and the Eschatots' buttons.   And they got pushed. Those guys are such jack asses. 

Update 2:  Simps is such an officious little meter maid of typos on my blog,  he should never have let me know they annoy him as much as they do.  I'd return the favor, only it would mean I'd have to read his stuff.  He copies so much it's like a continuous experience of deja vu.  Hey, Simps, you'd find it a lot easier to catch Duncan in his typos, he doesn't write much. 

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