Monday, October 10, 2016

Rudolph the Shameless 'Splainer

Yes, if you haven't heard about it already, this is really a picture of Donald Trump with Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag, it's not fake. And if you watch the old video, it turns Trump's already infamous reputation for assaulting women into a joke.   You can find it all over the web. 

The public figures, politicians, former politicians have been fleeing from Donald Trump all weekend at the prospect that, in his long, long, long media career, there are more instances of him saying the most appalling things about women and who knows who else should generate a roll of dishonor.  It's hardly as if that kind of thing about the man was unknown, it's exactly the kind of thing that most informed people would have concluded made him unfit to be president two decades instead of two days ago.  It is why so many of the Republicans who now have to unendorse him were hesitant to endorse him in the first place, not that they are averse to someone as unfit to be president as he is to becoming president, that they were afraid they'd get stuck in exactly what they found themselves in over the weekend.  

I read this morning that Rudy Giuliani was given the role of defending Donald Trump on the ever less credible Sunday morning talk shows.   That Giuliani had the role is just more evidence of how clueless the Trump campaign and its figures are about why supporting Donald Trump is a sign of psychopathology, not mere politics.  

I would like to know how a man with his baggage of treating his first wife as badly as he did comes across as Donald Trumps designated defender on the tape of him bragging to Billy Bush about assaulting women with the impunity that his kind of celebrity has gotten him and, lest anyone forget, his also taped bragging to Howard Stern that he was entitled to break in on Miss Universe candidates - a fraction of his age - because as owner of the pageant, he had a right to inspect the goods.

If there is someone who should go down with the Trumptanic, it's Rudy Giuliani, though he knows that the media won't stop calling him to go on shows, what his public career after several failed presidential bids went nowhere.

Also, yesterday's ultimate blaming the wife for what her husband is alleged to have done, when, if it happened, she was betrayed in the process deserves a special place in the annals of the double-standard that is always, always held to benefit men.    In its never ending bid to offend every woman, it seems that no group will go unoffended by the Donald Trump campaign.

It is time to shame the media for having created, not only Donald Trump, the public figure, but also such courtiers of his putrid retinue as Rudy Giuliani.  I wouldn't credit Chris Christie with having any kind of moral standard in his not appearing as Trump's lying, muck spewing defender on yesterday's blab shows, just one who still cherishes the hope that he still has a future in elective politics.  Though his ongoing problems related to bridgegate in his state probably will guarantee his future is in lying predictably and shamelessly on TV and radio shows.

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