Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On The Other Hand I'd Favor Changing The Constitution If It Meant We Could Have Samantha Bee For President

Samantha Bee has done more for civic education in the United States than the combined forces of lefty print and pixel media in the past half century.   Her program from last night isn't enough to make me go out and buy a TV but it has to be the most significant thing in the current American media.

I'd say elect her to the Senate, as soon as she gets her citizenship, only I think what she's doing now is more important than that.

And about that video, I think if Hillary Clinton were Harry Clinton she would not be having nearly as much trouble as she is.  Much of it in similar if not identical language used against the women on the Seattle city council.   And it's not just the Bernie bros who are doing that, there are plenty of gals on that bus too. 

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