Friday, May 20, 2016

Hate Mail Over My Past Week of Posting

No, I'm not happy with having to conclude that a man I used to respect is in the process of tearing down the left and extending its exile in a fit of pique over finding out he is not going to be the great father of the revolution.  

I hate it but this is not the first time I've seen this happen.   And after this past week there is no reason for any rational person to believe that the left represented by Sanders is ever going to do anything except ruin the chances for real liberal progress.   They are serial spoilers, they are the personification of why the left stopped being successful in the 1960s.   They are dishonest, they feed the irrational paranoia of ignorant people and crazy people and they don't deserve the respect of responsible people. 

With what he's done in the past two weeks, well after a month into it being clear he's not going to win the nomination,  I'm through with him and his left.  If he had conceded and worked to elect Hillary Clinton and Democrats to the House, Senate and lower office his campaign would have been true to what he pretended to be doing.  And it would have been productive.  Now, I'm an NMAN Sanders fan,  No more after Nevada.   

The Democratic Party has to take serious measures to protect itself from the likes of Bernie Sanders from now on.  He wasn't a Democrat, he's carjacked the party and he's playing chicken with it.  

I'm all in with Hillary Clinton from here on in, I am going to sign up to work on her campaign at the first possible opportunity.  I encourage everyone to do so because we've got to try to undo the damage that's been done in the past five months from the alleged left.  

Hate Update: 
I wonder, what's the last time that one of the major parties gave its nomination to a man who didn't join it till he was 74, and only so he could run for president under that party, after a career running against that party and slamming the party, who, then, attacks the person who has all but been confirmed as the choice of the party by about three million votes and counting. 

That Sanders was allowed to run as a Democrat is, in itself, an unprecedented concession to him, and he repays it by trying to tear the party down even if it benefits Donald Trump. 

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