Monday, April 25, 2016

"Fancies too weak for boys, too green and idle For girls of nine" .... But OK for "Brain Trust" Geezers

Oh, my.  Someone is snarking about the last two words of this from this morning's post

a lot more like William Shatner at his most worst

Sharp-eyed reader will, of course see it's the words "most worst" that are the point of mockery.

Well, dearie, it would seem that you've never read The Winter's Tale either.  Here from Paulina's speech in Act III scene 2

What studied torments, tyrant, hast for me?
What wheels? racks? fires? what flaying? boiling?
In leads or oils? what old or newer torture
Must I receive, whose every word deserves
To taste of thy most worst?

It is my experience the the worst of the Bardolators might have seen the movie, those that get made into movies, especially if they've got "world class actors" in them,  but they've never really read the works.   I've heard that one of the things least done by those who go to the theme park that Stratford largely is seldom include watching a play in their itinerary. 

Update:  I don't doubt that looking at even the worst production of the plays would be better than YOU reading it.  But that's you reading it, I don't have any doubt that a reading is an inferior experience when it's you who is doing the reading,  not someone else.   It takes an attention span for something other than yourself to be able to sustain a reading.

Update 2:  Considering how hard it is for you to read my posts and to accurately report on it to your fan base, well, after all these years, that would seem to be impossible, I think I have a good idea of how deficient your reading ability is.  And I ain't no Francis Bacon.

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