Monday, October 5, 2015

Handel - Come Nube Che Fugge Dal Vento - Philippe Jaroussky

Jaroussky as that ultimate bad-boy Nero in Handel's opera Agrippina.   This sounds a lot more convincing as an approximation of the discription of the baroque castrati's singing than the old counter-tenors of fifty years ago.   If you think the costume and wig are a bit over the top, it is opera.

If you want a sort of battle of the male sopranos, here's another of today's biggest stars, Max Emanuel Cencic.

And here's Jennifer Rivera singing it as a pants role

Update:  OK, here is the late Alfred Deller singing Handel in 1953.  He was a great singer and artist, you have to grant him that, but he was no coloratura singer, a good part of that could have been the lack of training - he was pretty much a pioneer in counter-tenor singing.   It's impressive, considering his training in the English choral tradition,  that he managed to learn how to pronounce words clearly, especially at that pitch range.

Update 2:  The stupidity of the Brain Trust on this topic is predictable.  The value of the life of no-mind.   But they'll tell you how smart they are.  Since there is no evidence to that effect.

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