Monday, August 3, 2015

You Would Be Amazed At How Good It Feels To Tell The Truth - Hate Mail

Oh, but we don't have to pretend that the Marxists were ever anything like a force for good anymore. That's just so last millennium.  Even the Chinese government has given up that stuff. That was never based on a realistic view of what Marxists really advocated, even less so an honest view of what they did when they got political control of a place, that is the longest sustained bloodbath in modern history.   The Marxists here duped us into sympathizing with them because the people who persecuted them in the 1950s were such slimy folk who violated the civil rights of people they had no right to question about their political thinking and those who they slimed by association even when they had nothing to do with entities like the Communist Party.

The simple fact is that we never needed to take a side in the Communist vs. anti-Communist brawl, we could reject all of them because all of them were hypocrites and liars and hated democracy and freedom of thought.  

The passion and comparatively soft martyrdom of the Hollywood 10, such as those who were, actually, members of the Communist Party in the 30s, 40s and 50s, is severely mitigated by the fact that they supported a foreign government which set one of the undisputed records of not only putting someone out of a posh job as a screen writer, but torturing and murdering them and anyone they might have named under torture or who might be associated with them.  

We now know that their heroes, Lenin, Stalin, etc. routinely tortured and murdered people, sent them into slave labor and oppressed them and even their entirely innocent children because the constant terror created by that was what kept them in power.   If Lester Cole had written even the most mildly dissident material in the Soviet Union under Stalin, he'd have been shot instead of just deprived of an ability to get the big bucks by writing for the movies under his own name.  He'd probably have caved under torture and named names, the means of getting that out of reluctant witnesses under Communism being a bit harsher than he ever suffered under HUAC and the Hollywood blacklist.  His refusal to talk under threat of jail and blacklisting might be admirable if it were not for the fact that he was and remained a supporter of governments who did far worse for far less to thousands and millions of more poeple.

I have equal contempt for the American right, Hoovers' FBI, Red Channels, etc. and the Communists. I can have equal contempt for David Horowitz and the Progressive Labor twits, who worshiped Mao in the same way the Communists did Stalin and the Weather Underground who seem to have worshiped mostly themselves.
I am not going to be the dupe of the Communists anymore out of their sympathy seeking sob story.  I bought their lies way too long.   I'm not even going to let my affection for some of those old commies keep me from telling the truth about it anymore.   They were either knowing liars and supporters of governments as depraved and homicidal as the Nazis or they were willing dupes.  You would be amazed at how good it feels to tell the truth after buying those lies for so long.

Marx had some important things to say in his critique of capitalism, his alternative, though, was a disaster brought on by his superstitious belief in the dialectic, his materialism and his rejection of the real alternative to it.   But even Marx rejected Marxism.  I suspect he knew he couldn't trust his own followers because, at bottom, they didn't really believe in anything better, themselves.

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