Sunday, August 2, 2015

Carla Bley - What Will Be Left Between Us And The Moon Tonight?

The moon has been incredible here the last three nights, tropical and inspiring or, maybe, disturbing if you have lunatic propensities. I can't blame my insomnia on that because it's the heat that has caused that.  This is the first piece from one of Carla Bley's remarkable theme albums, this one Tropic Appetites.  The words to the songs on it are the ultra impressionistic surreal poetry of Paul Haines.   Gato Barbieri who plays the blazing tenor sax was uncredited because of contract restrictions, as I recall.  His photo on the back, unlike all the others, showed his back and identified him as an unidentified "cat" but no one who heard it and was familiar with his playing wouldn't have known who he was.  I haven't heard this in about twenty five years.

Gato Barbieri (uncredited) − tenor sax, percussion
Carla Bley − organ, piano, electric piano, celeste, cello, marimba, percussion, vocals, clavinet, producer, engineer
Paul Haines − performer
Dave Holland − bass, cello
Howard Johnson − tuba, bass clarinet, baritone sax, soprano sax, vocals
Michael Mantler − trombone, trumpet, valve trombone, producer
Toni Marcus − violin, viola
Paul Motian − drums, percussion
Julie Tippetts − vocals
Karen Mantler - vocals

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