Friday, August 21, 2015

Hate Mail - THAT'S NOT FAIR! "You're an anti-atheist bigot....."

Um, hum, I see, and that would be because atheists are all about what's positive and wonderful about atheism, aren't they.   Let's look.  Here from the atheists at Patheos

Trending at Patheos Atheist

And those are the "Friendly" cuddly atheists who want to pin the personality disorder of a religious nobody on billions of religious folk who do not and never did have anything to do with him and never wanted to.   And there are hundreds and hundreds of them, most of whom don't make any pretense of being "friendly".   If it's not Josh Duggar it would be someone or something else.   The new atheism, the atheism you see every day, is only about one thing, being against religion, Christianity,  in almost all of its content, Islam a distant runner up, unless it's using the anti-Islamic stuff of some professed Christian to bash Christians universally.   And they don't even try to get their facts right or make a logically valid case in most cases.   

Let me guess, it was that last one about how most atheist raised children abandon atheism, wasn't it.  Something that's not supposed to happen, something that the narrative of atheist victory can't survive.   Well, live by the Pew numbers, die by the Pew numbers.   And I didn't even misrepresent the identity of the "nones" to do it. 


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  2. Well, Duggar and corrupt pastors represent Christianity; but not Mao or Stalin or any mass murderer/head of government in the 20th century who is officially atheist in his/her views.
    Got it.