Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hate Mail - Duncan's Brain Trussed

Simels is just upset that I outed another of his sock puppets in another place.  His sock puppet and that of another of the Heathers of Eschaton.   And Tlaz, who said Richard Feyman didn't understand the first thing about science - well, she though it was me even though I gave a citation with a link, she just didn't read till the end, most likely.  I think the quote I posted might have been about 250 words or so, longer than the longer attention span at the "Brain Trust".   

Duncan Black has run his once prominent blog into the ground, writing almost nothing of any substance for it since the Bush II regime and allowing the Heathers to drive out pretty much anyone who has any kind of intellectual curiosity.  Those former regulars were the people who provided the interest at his place, certainly after the first few years.  Maybe he realized that was why people came and not what he had to say so he decided to say nothing and run the place as a cash cow.  It's about the most boring blog there is now.   I understand that last week or so he was shilling for his Amazon.com link, encouraging people to buy from that retail sweatshop through his link so he could get a cut, which was certainly liberalish of him, wasn't it.   I wonder if any of the rump Eschatots commented on that after the Times article the other day, though they were probably too busy talking about what they had for lunch and what they were watching on Netflix or wherever.  

And then, a day or so later, he whined because too many people were using Ad Block, cutting into his ad revenue.  He threatened to stop blogging over it.  ONLY, FROM WHAT I WAS TOLD, HE DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO ANNOUNCE THAT ON ESCHATON BUT USED TWITTER TO SAY IT.   

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