Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fun Times

I'm told there is a tantrum going on over what I wrote today - getting it all wrong.   As dear Emily Dickinson said,  I shall not live in vain.  


  1. Could be worse. At Salon they're defending bodice-rippers and pulp fiction and denigrating "literature" while saying Shakespeare was just a popular playwright.

    I despair of the enlightenment the internet is bringing.

  2. The Unlightenment. The lite-en ment. The Bright-enment (as in that winning fad proposed by such geniuses as Daniel Dennett for atheists to call themselves "The Brights") The Blight-enment, Benightenment, Slightenment,.....

    I think that it's all a form of Simelety, the spite-enment. Really, I think that Noel Coward quote predicted it, only among people with more class, talent and intelligence such as he ran with.