Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Design for Blogging

These glib, over-articulate and amoral creatures force their lives into fantastic shapes and problems because they cannot help themselves. Impelled chiefly by the impact of their personalities each upon the other, they are like moths in a pool of light, unable to tolerate the lonely outer darkness but equally unable to share the light without colliding constantly and bruising each other's wings....

Noel Coward, about his play, Design for Living

I would rather have two dozen people who actually read what I write than fifty who still come to regularly ignore what I don't bother to write anymore because they only come so they can talk about TV shows and what they're having for lunch and the pop music they grooved to half a century ago.   That's the same reason I never did Facebook or My Space.  Or Twitter.  

I can, though, boast an extremely large spam file as I get better at tweaking those sorts of sorting things.  

Update:  And you ain't no Fontannes,  Lunts or Cowards.   Noel Cowards, that is. 

Update 2:  Well, that's the reason I quashed the post about the "dad bod" fad, I didn't want to really hurt too many of their feelings by mocking the idea that pudgy, middle aged men with midriff bulge, a double chin  and flabby arms were hot! and that there was anything new about fat old guys.   It's like no one noticed them before or something.   It reminds me of that ultimate old man fantasy flick,  "As Good As It Gets" in which the repulsive asshole played by Jack Nicholson not only gets the very nice, beautiful girl less than half his age, but also the very nice attractive gay guy who looks like he could be her younger brother to fall for him, too.   You just know who is behind this stuff, out of shape, pudgy middle-aged men with money writing and producing their fantasies about how desirable they are.    

OK, so I just did it.  Only the piece I didn't post was a lot meaner.   


  1. Know what show I like? MASH. It was so good!

  2. I only saw any of it when it had gone into syndication. I remember once being kind of startled when they were showing a two-show lineup that they had one from early in the series to one at the end of the series when everyone looked ten years older. It was like a premonition of the Iraq or Afghanistan war.

    I like Corner Gas. Which I also never saw until it was over and I saw it online.