Friday, February 27, 2015

Hate Mail File

Apparently it's forbidden to point out that 83 year old men who are really sick sometimes die, especially when they have a terminal illness.   Geesh, who knew?   When is it permitted to point that out?  When they're 103? 


  1. Really, somebody's taking you to task for noting that Nimoy not only had his threescore and ten, but by reason of strength beyond fourscore years?

  2. I was called insensitive for noting he lived to a ripe old age and that people sometimes die when they're 83. I was "blaming him" by noting that he had COPD. Well, as I heard him, in his own voice, attribute it to smoking I'd guess he was guilty of blaming him too. I don't know how old the hate mailers were but, frankly, I'm younger than that by a few years and I'm surprised to still be here, sort of. I'll bet it didn't come as a terrible shock to Leonard Nimoy.

  3. Yup, when he first announced his health problems a while back he attributed it to a lifetime of smoking. And apparently drinking Romulan ale at the edge of the galaxy.