Friday, February 27, 2015

Good Lord, He was 83 And Suffering With COPD

Oh, I have a feeling Leonard Nimoy is doing just fine in the afterlife.  It's pretty funny that people don't realize he was very serious about his religion, I mean, he didn't make any secret of it.   I expect he's telling Roddenberry, I told you so. 

No one lives forever, he had a good life and did lots of good.  

Update:  The way people are going on about it.  It reminds me of the old lady who lived in her old house, her daughter wanted her to move to a retirement place and she wanted to stay in her house.

"But something might happen,"  her daughter said.

"Something always does happen," she sensibly pointed out. 


  1. Even if people only know popular culture, they should've picked up at least on the Vulcan salute!

    I listen to his Chanukah narration every year. Wish I'd seen his Tevye.

  2. Funny how many people think that salute is "alien."

    Well, not so funny, really.