Monday, February 2, 2015

Hate Mail File - Grow Up To The Level of a Two Year Old Already

When what is sold as an important voice for the left advocates that people do things that if a four year old did it you would suspect either mental deficiency or mental illness as exciting, hot and positive sex, then there is something seriously wrong with that "left".   That they want to you to do something that would reproduce what the most paleo-right-wingers would want to do with the food and water supply, getting rid of the most basic health regulations is more than a slight give-away that they're no kind of real left.  Or adults of any kind.  

As a really, really, really bad actor I once knew said when Divine did his infamous closing scene in Pink Flamingoes, "Gawd help ya if you got to eat dog poop to get famous".  I'm not going to pretend there's nothing wrong with people who advocate something I've known not to do since I was two, if not younger. 


  1. Yup. Wandered into some comments at Salon, where they reposted that Alternet article, and all I could think was: "This is even an argument?" To people pointing out the serious health risks, the response was "Don't be such a Puritan!"

    I just shook my head and walked away. Eventually you learn there are people who will argue about anything, and think themselves smart to do so. You learn to avoid those people like someone with the measles.

    1. And these are the people who congratulate themselves on being so sciency and reality based. But mix sex into it and they become entirely stupid.

      Alternet has to be the smoking gun of how the left lost it as it became about attention getting and who can be the most kewl and transgressive and most attention getting in the room.

      Yet people wonder why people think people who advocate stuff like that are nuts and not to be taken seriously.

    2. To be fair, the bulk of the comments even at Salon were "Is this even a thing?," along with "Are you kidding me?"

      But a few people had to be contrarian. I've learned over time that there's always someone willing to nobly take the contrary stance because they are wiser, kewler, better, something. The internet has given those people a forum they never had before. But the forum is no reason to take them seriously.

      Some ideas really do deserve to be marginalized.

    3. I have decided to appeal to the kind of people who know that ingesting feces is a health hazard instead of those who are so insecure for their kewl status that they pretend there's something wrong with people adult enough to refuse to deny that.

      I wish I could find out if Alternet and other places that promote the porn industry and push ideas that suppress a genuinely liberal position on the use abuse and destruction of people do actually get money from the porn industry. I'm next to certain that a lot of the pro-porn trolling on blogs is done by people instructed in what to say and how to say it, and so I suspect are being paid. They've certainly got enough money to promote their business interests that way and I don't think they'd dare to hire some shills to do it like the oil industry does the putrid Brooke Alexander all over even the liberal ghetto hours on MS NBC.