Tuesday, December 23, 2014

O Emmanuel - Magnificat

O Emmanuel

Healey Willan

Vancouver's Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Rupert Lang, director.

It's hard to know where to stop with posting settings of the Magnificat so I think I'll stop with this one, set with today's antiphon, the last of the "O Antiphons".   There are a lot of other settings I'd like to have included, including some I couldn't find recordings of online and some which I like, as music, but which I don't think are really good settings of the words.  Monteverdi's by a composer whose music I love are in that category.  That of Viadana is one I couldn't find an appropriate recording of but which I'd like to have included.

 I would have liked to end with the one of the little girl singing which I posted this morning before I thought of that.  And a little child will lead them, which seems especially appropriate to the occasion.   I hope you enjoyed this Advent meditation on the Magnificat and got something out of it.

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