Wednesday, October 15, 2014

One of The Best Quotes I've Ever Read On A Blog

One of the best of the early bloggers who wrote with such subtle wit and grace was also one of the early ones to pack it in, whoever it was who wrote  Sully Watch blog. I was thinking of this quote by him, one of the most perfect and succinct formulations of a political ideology that I've read, thinking of including it in a post I'm working on. I finally went and looked it up, taking the, for the most part, pleasure of reading some old posts at his/her blog and remembering those innocent early days, as many as eleven years ago when some of us believed the internet was going to change things for the better.

[Andrew] Sullivan's attitude is emblematic of our definition of a libertarian: One who opposes the infringement of liberties by the government on the grounds that the private sector can do it more efficiently.

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