Monday, March 17, 2014

Honor St. Patrick by Working Against Modern Slavery

As my fellow Irish Americans set about to dishonor St. Patrick by doing their best to live up to the most malicious stereotypes of us that the Anglo Saxon nativists invented, it's good to remember that St. Patrick was an escaped slave.  As such it's not surprising that the evil of slavery was of special importance to him, one of the most certain things we know about him.   One of the few documents that scholars believe is reliably from him is his letter to the soldiers of King Coroticus effectively excommunicating them along with Coroticus because they abducted and enslaved a number of Irish Christians under Patrick's care.   His language in his excommunication is remarkably strong and firey considering the mildness and humility of the other document reliably attributed to him, his Confession.

American St. Patrick's day is as disgusting as American Christmas and American Halloween. There isn't anything honorable about it.  St. Patrick, escaped slave returned to convert his enslavers and one of the earliest campaigners against slavery deserves a lot better than being used as an excuse to get drunk and participate in parades that become an annual celebration of bigotry and discrimination.   Not to mention that disgusting political roast held in Boston every year.  Do something to fight against modern slavery, to refuse to buy products made by slave labor in the third world and here.  Refuse to ignore the sexual slavery that is so widespread today. That kind of commerce and sexual slavery during his lifetime were condemned by St. Patrick, after all, mentioned specifically as a sin damning Coroticus and his "gangsters".

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