Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Sacrosanct Supreme Court Brought Us To This Disaster It Is A Sewer

I have become one of those who believe that the Republicans in the House of Representatives will default on the debt.   The consequences of that are unknown but there is a very good chance that it could send the economy into a crisis, perhaps as bad as the one Republicans caused during the Bush II regime.  If anyone forgot, the massively corrupt Bush II was a gift of the Supreme Court and the corporate media that installed him as President.   As disappointing as Barack Obama and Harry Reid have been, the memory of what the Bush II regime did to this country and others shows that things can be far worse.   The economic catastrophe of 2008 was a direct result of that corrupt decision by the court and the coming one will be too.

During the Warren Court, through a series of landmark rulings in civil rights, economic justice and many other areas,  liberals forgot that for most of its history the Supreme Court was the friend of the privileged, wealthy, white, male minority of the country.  After Earl Warren, a series of courts led by blatantly political Chief Justices and associate Justices have systematically undone, not only what the Warren Court accomplished but the entire history of decisions that don't favor that privileged minority.   I will remind you, because by chance, as I am typing this Nina Totenberg is on the radio saying the words, that much of that reassertion of the oligarchic privilege has been through the vehicle of "free speech" and "free press".   Those phrases, endowed with power, as so many chanted ritualistically, have been divorced from any meaning related to their most important political manifestation, in protecting equality and the very self-government that the Court so blatantly attacked in the Bush vs. Gore decision.   Using those phrases was a brilliantly cynical ploy,  liberals and the faux-liberals are total suckers for those words.

This coming disaster is also a result of court decisions which have attacked the voting rights act and which have allowed the blatant gerrymandering of congressional districts.   Those decisions allowed the situation in which an electoral loss by Republicans, according to the numbers in the last congressional elections to result in a Republican Majority in the House, which is sponsoring the disaster.  What is supposed to be The Peoples' house, the most democratic part of the Federal government has been systematically and intentionally corrupted into the Boehner House, headed by a corrupt alcoholic who cares nothing about the welfare of the country, blackmailed by the most psychotic faction of house members and political ideologues since the darkest days of the 19th century.   The political program of the Roberts Court has favored overturning even the Republican dominated Progressive era reforms of the early 20th century, so it should be no great shock that what it has helped to produce resembles the massive corruption those reforms corrected.

The next time you hear the priesthood of the Supreme Court being deferentially reported on by Nina or others of the most genteel of the Washington Press Corps, remember that their role in producing the corruption that plagues us right now. Remember the other corrupt courts that brought us things like Jim Crow and corporate person hood.   The pose that the Court is the guarantor of freedom and liberty should have died with Earl Warren because that was when that kind of thing started to die.  The Rehnquist and Roberts Courts are as bad as the bad courts of the past, they deserve no more respect than the insane tea baggers in the House of Representatives who are intent on destroying everything, including self-government.

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