Friday, October 11, 2013

Better Without Pictures

Here is an interesting thing,  a reading theater versions of Sophocles' play Philoctetes, presented by The Philoctetes Center For the Interdisciplinary Study of the Imagination.   They give their readings of the play for medical professionals and others who deal with sick and disabled people on a regular basis.  The intro gives you more information.

You might try closing your eyes as you listen.  If I were the director I'd have the actors behind a screen, depending more on the imagination to make it real than what you'll see from actors sitting at a table.

I miss the CBC's series, The Mystery Project.  I remember after listening to Alf Silver's series "Clean Sweep,"  when I saw what the actors looked like it was nothing like what I imagined.   I like radio drama, it's often so much better without pictures.   I don't know why more actors don't produce plays to be listened to online.  Imagine the possibilities of doing the kind of work you want to, even if it doesn't pay.  Musicians do it all the time.  You could put ads on the website and not have them interfere with the work.   And it wouldn't matter if you weren't pretty enough to play the role on stage or on screen.

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