Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Is it Just Me Or Is Google Software Acting Up All Over The Place?

I've been having all kinds of trouble with Google based software, Gmail, Blogger, the browser.  Weird stuff going on.  

Maybe it's the NSA.  Maybe it's the advertisers.   I don't know which direction to point my paranoia in. 

Or maybe it's my dissing that Google doodle a few weeks back. The Empire Will Not Be Mocked!


  1. Just for the record, although I'm sure nobody is reading this who works for Google, because that's just crazy to be that paranoid, isn't it, Uncle Google?, but I LOVED the last doodle.

    Whichever one it was.


    (Please don't screw up my Google software! I'll be good! I promise!!!)

  2. Something is going on, first it was those three categories of e-mail just showing up one day and now it's everything. I think they're sending messages through my dental fillings as well.

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