Monday, September 23, 2013

After Not Sleeping On It We Should Put Up or Shut Up in Shame

Didn't get much sleep last night so I had lots of late night thoughts.  One was about that proposal I made concerning textbooks and the periodic group whine that goes up all over the left about how "Texas" used their purchasing power to slant the textbooks used across the country.  

I'm going to issue it as a challenge to all of the college professors, instructors, assistant instructors, high school teachers etc. who have whined and will whine about the right-wing power play.  Put your keystrokes where your .... whiny comments are.    If there isn't an organized effort to produce the most excellent e-textbooks possible, including all of the most up to date, effective teaching methods, hypertext links, etc, regularly updated and maintained, and, most important for its effectiveness, made available for free we should all collectively shut up in shame over our hypocrisy.   If they announced their effort and produce the most excellent possible texts and programs and provided them to public and private schools and just ordinary people for free, they could corner the market by leaving the market. 

If my specialty were a hot topic of contention, I'd participate in the effort and I might do a bit in that way in the near future. But professional biologists, historians, specialists in civics and other topics subjected to this kind of ideological distortion should prove how concerned they really are instead of getting into the perpetual whine and the totally useless and time wasting but oh-so-satisfying exercise in mutual self-congratulations on our mutual smartness as compared to them while being massively stupid about it. 

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