Saturday, August 24, 2013

Twilight of the Slugs

Someone over at Eschaton must like me.  Or at least likes me well enough to tell me when I'm the subject of the patter and to let me know about it with links, saving me the time of having to sift through some pretty tedious material.   A lot of the time I just ignore it but I'm rather fascinated by the Snowden-Greenwald cult of the "left" and the rigid and uncritical compliance required to constantly declare I BELIEVE AND BOW DOWN.  That was where it started.  It's not only rather funny but it's also a chance to try to gain more insight into what a total disaster that kind of required conformity is for the left.  I've written about that a number of times.

It began with comments about the substantial post from yesterday.  It escalated after I posted the first part of my light response last night, into a lie I take pretty seriously, perhaps enough to really do something about, eventually.

Apparently things weren't going well for a couple of the Eschaton regulars.  Steve Simels, you'll, no doubt, have already noticed is in the habit of habitually attacking me.  Last night he was joined in by one "Gomez" a lawyer from Western Pennsylvania who apparently doesn't get much work as he seems to spend much of his waking life on the comment threads at Eschaton.   I'm told he apparently broke up with his long suffering girlfriend again and, from what he's saying, this time it looks like she's noticed greener grass on the other side of a fence.  I'm aware of two E-ton based romances going that wa.....

But enough of that nearly alluring gossip.   Gomez, on behalf of Simels, pulled out all the stops and went for the big one, the accusation that I'd made an anti-semetic remark and wouldn't apologize for it.   Which is what Simels has said repeatedly whenever he couldn't sustain his end of an argument with me.  Which, I will not apologize for noting is what uniformly happens whenever he tries to mix it up with me.

I wrote a piece a while back for just such occasions and I am reposting it here with the full explanation of what happened and why.

When A Charge of Antisemitism Is A Tactical Smear

Update:   After fiddling with the HTML for a while I decided to just provide a link to the piece and go on to new business.

Update 2:  Ah,  I don't care.  Baby Blue was the place that taught me blog friendships tend to be a smile wide and a picometer deep.  And I mean the smile on a stupid emoticon.   I don't care if they don't read what I write, they don't seem to be great on the reading comprehension thing.

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